Branding Services

Having a professional develop and implement your branding strategy can determine whether your brand engages with your audience or not.

One of the most common reasons businesses fail is because they do not have enough financial resources available for marketing, and branding is a very important element of the marketing mix. Maine Marketing will ensure your business exudes a professional image and appropriate, relevant branding.

Branding is a fundamental and crucial component of effective marketing. Your brand is a long-term strategic asset used to create associations and expectations.

Maine Marketing has an expert design team on board that can design and create unique and powerful logos, colour schemes and fonts.

A strong strategic approach allows brands to be developed that can be applied across all client touch points, including websites, multimedia, signage and sales material.

Whether your company is a start-up and requires a brand to be named, designed, communicated and marketed. Or you are wanting a brand refresh or to enhance your current brand position and communicate it more effectively to key stakeholders; clients, prospects, industry and media Maine Marketing can help.

Our Branding Services

Internal Brand Audit

We will hold a series of business insights and discovery workshops, carry out an in depth SWOT Analysis, Review and update existing Strategic documents. And finally assist you to build the context for a comprehensive Brand Development Strategy.

Market Research

Maine Marketing will research your Industry: Trends, threats, major players, growth rates, sales data. Competition: Direct and indirect competitor profiles, including what they do well and poorly. And your Ideal Customer (also referred to as a Target Market): Demographics, geographic location, profile, how needs are or are not being met

Develop your Value Proposition

Maine Marketing will focus on the qualities and benefits that make your company unique. This is not just a basic list of the features or product offerings to the customer. This is about how you provide value that enhances your customers’ lives.

Develop your Mission and Vission

We will help you to tell customers succinctly who you are. Using the business voice that works. Your message should be intricately associated with our brand, and conveyed simply and elegantly.

Brand Messaging

A brand message is an opportunity to communicate on a human level, making a direct emotional connection with our consumers.

Brand Identity

Maine Marketing has an expert design team on board that can design and create unique and powerful logos, colour schemes and fonts.

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