Should I buy Social Media Likes?

This article will dive into how buying likes works, why we recommend against it, and then we’ll give you some strategies to generate real Likes that work for your business andmaximise your ROI.


Earlier this week I was having a chat with an old friend of mine about her exciting new job in marketing. As the conversation progressed, the topic of getting more likes came up and she mentioned that she had been pressured into buying likes for Facebook.

We’ve all been there. You need to boost your business page with more likes. Your competitor has thousands, and you need results fast!

So, you give in, even though you know it’s a bit dodgy—you go ahead and buy Facebook likes.


While having 50,000 likes may seem like a great idea, regardless if they’re real or not, I’m going to share with you why it is not a good idea because it’s going to hurt your business in the long run. Even making fake Facebook accounts to start clicking the Like button on your page is an very bad idea!


Today, there are an estimated 83 million fake Facebook profiles.

Farms, or “follower factories” as The New York Times called them in their article, generate fake Likes with several methods.The main ways? They either create fake accounts or take control of real accounts whose passwords have been leaked or captured through spying software.

Click farms have become a real challenge for companies relying on social media measurement, meant to indicate approval by real users; to estimate the reach of their products.

For the workers, though, it is miserable work, sitting at screens in dingy rooms facing a blank wall, with windows covered by bars, and sometimes working through the night. For that, they could have to generate 1,000 likes or follow 1,000 people on Twitter to earn a single US dollar. read more…

You’re Not Reaching Your Real Fans 

When you have 1,000 real fans on your Facebook page and you publish a post, it only reach’s roughly 10% of your fans.

If it’s a really good post, the percentage might be a little bit higher at 20 or 30%. However, on average, 10% is the reach you’ll get, which means out of those 1,000 real fans, only 100 people will get to see your great new relevant post.

So if you’ve got 1,000 real fans but another 10,000 fake fans, what will actually happen is Facebook will start showing your posts to a random set of your followers most likely those fake friends.

Understanding And Connecting With Your Audience Becomes Virtually Impossible

Buying Facebook likes floods your audience with fake user accounts that will distort your analytics and make it impossible to build effective audiences.

You’ll never be able to get an accurate account of who your followers are or what their interests might be.

When you start doing paid ads as part of your Facebook marketing strategy for your service-based business or product-based business, you can actually choose to target all the people that have liked your Facebook page.

It Damages Trust: Sending The Wrong Message To Your Prospective Clients.

“Start with the main idea. Think about what your reader needs to know right away and move that to the beginning of your copy.

Don’t get to the point; start with it.”

Young girl using smart phone,Social media concept.

When you buy likes, it damages the trust followers have in your brand, distorts the results of your future advertising, and decreases your understanding of your audience.

Buying likes damages the credibility of your brand. It signals to your audience that you’re not willing to put in the work to build a genuine relationship, causing decreased engagement over time.

People may think, “If the likes on their page are fake, what else are they going to lie about if I become their customer?”


Facebook is catching up with people that scheme and scam their users.

In the future, they will be able to detect that you’ve paid for those Facebook likes and they could slap a ban on you. These updates that Facebook does are done so that they can give their users a safe and great user experience so that we’ll keep coming back.

Those are just a few of the reasons why you should never buy likes for Facebook. So, what can you do?

Here are some tips to try if you want results:

  • Pay Facebook for ads, focus on website clicks, website impressions, post promotions. However, ensure you utilise Facebook Ads effectively. Check your existing audience age, interests, and days and time when they are active in Page Insights to see the best day to do a paid Ad. Experiment, it takes time and trial and error to find what works for your audience.
  • Content is Key – Now you have analysed your audience create headlines, share videos, images and content which touch hearts and are worth re-sharing, liking and interacting with. It doesn’t always have to be your content; I like to follow the 80/20 Rule. This is where 80% of posts are about relevant interesting content your audience may find interesting and 20% are product or services-based posts about your business
  • Promote your page content from your page to relevant Facebook groups, you will get huge number of likes for me 30% likes came from doing this alone.

It takes months, not to mention lots of hard work to create relevant interesting content for your audience. Shortcuts do not work, authentic efforts do.

If you need help with your social media strategy get in contact for a chat about how we can help you increase your reach the right way.

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