Digital Marketing has been around for a long time but many companies have not placed enough emphasis on its importance.

Why not unleash your businesses full sales potential  by using Digital Marketing as an integral part of your marketing. Maine Marketing is a full-service marketing consultancy that provides in-house expertise in Digital Marketing.

Your website will be fully optimised from the front-end design to the back-end with Search Engine friendly features. The result will be instant and noticeable, bringing new opportunities directly to your business.

We will ensure your website reaches customers using popular search engines by developing and applying keyword search term strategies.

Website Development

Maine Marketing designs, develops and maintains websites, developing content and social media connections.

Content Marketing

Blogs, infographics, whitepapers, success stories, videos – we create entertaining, engaging and sharable content.

Lead Generation Strategy

Maine Marketing drives your sales automation process to deliver lead generation campaigns that expedite your sales cycle and deliver unparalleled results.

Social Media

Our social media strategy is on-brand, reflects your company’s personality and compliments its online presence. This ensures you are drawing the most relevant traffic to your online portals, and secures brand support.


Maine Marketing delivers content that is relevant to readers and engaging ensuring that readers share on mediums such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Our blogs are keyword and phrase rich, ensuring that search engines pick up our blogs regularly.

Marketing Automation

Maine Marketing works with a number of marketing automation technologies on behalf of clients to nurture leads online and capitalise on our client’s online presence directly affecting a company’s bottom line.

Maine Marketing assists businesses by clarifying goals and objectives, and determining the best opportunities for search engine optimization. Through a strategic, collaborative approach, we unleash vital pieces of information that set you apart from your competitors.

Every company should have an online strategy, does yours? If your company needs an online strategy they should speak to a Maine Marketing Digital Marketing Consultant today.

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